• 10. February 2009
    no new pictures yet, just a small update to show that I am still alive and well. Currently I am working on the plans for the A320 Flightdeck. The A320 will get a website of its own  or at least an own part of this website, but this may take some time because I prefer to spend more time building.
  • 15. October 2008
    the lack of updates on this site does not mean that I stopped working on my sim, but things have slowed down, in particular for the last year. In addition to the A340 I am getting parts for an A320 flight deck, reason being that it is much easier to get really nice hardware and software for the A320. I got some parts from Simparts (Speedbrake and Flaps levers, engine start panel), Cockpitsonic (RMP) and FlyEngravity (FCU). Pictures are available on the FlightDeck page. I also ordered the IBL overhead and main panels  from Flightdecksolutions. I will use the A320 package from AST, but I did not place an order for it yet.
    Nevertheless I am still working in the A340 and will continue doing this in parallel to the new A320.
    I did my first own panels (ECAM switching, landing gear gravity extension) for the A340 using my Step Four milling machine, after finally finding out how to define text in the CAD program to get nice engravings from the Step Four.
  • 10. december 2006
    updated most of the files on the files page and added one additional picture on the actual Flight Deck page.
  • 5. november 2006
    finally got the Flightdecksolutions NOVA overhead panels mounted on my sim. Only the lights panel buttons are connected so far, the others will follow step by step. As I ran out of output channels on the first EPIC expansion board I got a new GAL module programmed as second expansion module from Micro Cockpit. I replaced the original chip with the new one and now I have another bunch of button connections available for the overhead. I have posted some pictures on the pictures page, showing the actual status of my sim.
  • 21. april 2006
    another long time passed since the last update. The lack of updates does not mean I am not working anymore on my sim, I do whenever I find the time.
    Another builder meeting took place in Hannover on the weekend of 31. march - 2. april. A short report an some pictures are availabel in the pictures page.
    I am working on the overhead and the cockpit shell right now, as I am learning how to work with Autodesk Inventor. There is a huge difference between Inventor and AutoCAD, the Inventor being a real 3D CAD program. I will redo all my drawings in Inventor, I think it is worth the effort.
  • 06. september 2005
    the 19" rack I got is now fully functional. I posted some pics on the pictures page. I also installed SA_Wxr (the weather radar program from Florian Praxmarer) and connected it to the PM ND. You can have a look at the result on the pictures page also. And the work on my throttle quadrant goes on.....
  • 29. august 2005
    completely updated the PCs of my sim, doing a "rochade". I eliminated the oldest one, adding a new one as main FS simulator. Further I merged the PFD1 and PFD2 PC's to one single PC with a dual head graphic card. I expanded the desktop over two monitors, one displaying the captains PFD/ND, the other the first officers PFD/ND.
    Then I got a really nice 19" server rack, wich am now using to store all the PCs of the simulator. I don't have a picture yet, but I will add one in the near future.
  • 17. june 2005
    Horst Maron sent me a few new pictures of some parts he has been working on. Once again amazing. The pictures can be found in the Horst Maron section under the link Pics3.
    I am still working on the design of my A340 throttles. A prototype is already done, but there are some more details to workk on. I will post some pictures soon.
  • 09. april 2005
    I added some pictures of the last cockpit builder meeting in Hannover which took place on the weekend of  April 1,2 and 3. This was another great event with lots of new ideas and inputs for building our home cockpits. And it was a pleasure to spend this weekend with the guys of AST and friends!
  • 06. march 2005
    Still alive an well, working on version II of my sim. I am doing some drawings to get an idea of how the different parts can be put together. Beside the cockpit planning I am learning how to program with design patterns. I will use this technique to program a new version of my hardware-FS interface program.
  • 20. october 2004
    Got another portion of excellent panels (ELITE center pedestal panels) from Flightdecksolutions. I placed a picture on the pictures page. Still some panels missing, in particular 2 more MCDUs and the overhead panels. Now as I have the dimensions of the center pedestal I can begin working on my throttles.
  • 24. july 2004
    Got my ELITE MCDU from Flight Deck Solutions yesterday. This part is one of the best pieces of hardware I have ever seen for home built flight simulators. It is made in a very professional way and looks simply fantastic! My 5" TFT LCD fits perfectly , it looks as it was made for beeing used together wiht this amazing MCDU.
  • 28. june 2004
    Connected two sidesticks and pedals (modified ProPedals from CH Products) to the EPIC. Only one sidestick is working by now, I have to modify my FSMapper program to be able to deal with two sidesticks. I posted one new picture of my ECAM panel. I was trying to display the Systems and Engine pages together on my 19" monitor, but had some problems with it. Glenn Mason was so kind to send me his abgc.ini and abgc.set files, which solved my problem.
  • 20. june 2004
    I did some changes on the Horst Maron page. Horst sent me a few more pictures of his sim. Some of the pictures show the landing light switches he has done. Amazing.
  • 19. april 2004
    updates became rare on this site. I was very busy working on my FS-Epic data exchange program. A first version is now done, pretty raw, but the most important functions are working, that means, I am testing them right now.
    A few weeks ago I got my ELITE glareshield panels. This are the best panelsI have ever seen. I will use them on the next version of my sim, which I will build in parallel with the one I already have. This one will serve as a "prototyping  construction". I hope to be able to do the next one without doing all the mistakes I have done on the current one.
    I added a few more pictures of Horst Marons simulator, showing another amazing parts he has done.
  • 09. january 2004
    just added some more pictures to the Horst Maron pictures page. I got my Elite MIP's from Flightdecksolutions, which are amazing. I added a picture of them on the pictures section.
  • 10. october 2003
    still working on my program, it is harder than I thought. I added some pictures of Horst Marons simulator to the "Pictures" section. Horst is the one who is doing every part of his simulator by himself. The result is amazing.
  • 20. august 2003
    a small update on the pictures side. I got an artificial horizon kit from simkits, which I assembled. I am working on my own FS - EPIC interface program, that's why updates on my website  aren't that frequent. In addition I am designing my own throttle quadrant. I want my throttles to behave like the real ones, with working  detentes, trimming wheels and reverse thrust levers. I haven't found such throttels for an affordable price, so I will do them by myself.
  • 12. june 2003
    another amazing simbuilders meeting is over. Again this meeting has been a huge source of inspiration. I was surprised by the huge progress on all different parts since last year. This hobby is getting quite professional as time goes by. I posted a few pictures here.
  • 26. april 2003
    finally my sim is ready to go again, the flightsim network is up and running, the buttons and displays are connected, the newest versions of the Project Magenta softare is installed, but the joystick isn't grounded yet. I will work on that on the next few days, and then I will be ready to go on working on new parts, new code and new features. Some pics are posted on the pictures section.
  • 02. march 2003
    I am back, well, almost. I moved, and now I am reassembling my sim. Some pictures are posted on the "Pictures" section. I am placing my sim in a separate corner of the room, the main space will be used by the "next generation" A340 sim I will begin using parts from Flight Deck Solutions. I will redraw all plans according to the dimensions of the FDS panels.
  • 21. december 2002
    as you may have noticed things have slowed down a bit here. I will move to a house at the end of january and there is a lot of renovation work to do on it prior to be able to be able to move. January will be pretty busy with other tasks (this will sure be a hard time)
  • 06. october 2002
    another small EPL code update. I am now using the new output declarations for controlling lights and LED's. And the "switch" statement has got his place to in my code, although there is one problem in one of the places where I used it.
    But the major problem are still the analog channles, which aren't wrking properly. Still looking for the cause of this one.
  • 15. september 2002
    updatet the EPL files. Now the XPDR and COM/NAV frequencies are working to, since EpicMapper now full supports BCD to DEC and vice versa conversions. The new files are posted in the files section.
  • 02. august 2002
    at last the MCDU is working via the USB EPIC. Still having problems with the analogs and with the radios. The newest USB epl code is posted (see files section)
  • 28. july 2002
    posted the actual version of my epl code and the corresponding epicMapper config.ini file (see the files section). Still a lot of items which are not working (radios, CDU, XPDR) but the FCU is fully operative. More to come soon.
  • 02. july 2002
    Got a new mainboard and processor for my main FS server. I will have to do some changes to the current sim pc's. Slowly the USB version is getting where I want. There are still some problems with the analog channels on my system, but I hope I can sort them out in the near future. As soon as my sim is up and running with the USB version, I will go on with some additions to the FCU display area.
  • 12. may 2002
    just came back from the cockpit builders meeting in Frankfurt, which has really been very exciting! It was a big pleasure to meet some of the fellow builders personally. I shot some pictures which I posted on the images part of this website. I really hope there will be another meeting next year, I will attend for sure.
  • 10. may 2002
    short before leaving to Frankfurt I uploaded the newest version of my USB EPL code. The code ist compiling without any errors, but not testet yet.
  • 04. may 2002
    as you may have noticed Peter Cos sent me another fantastic looking banner for my website. I had to place it on my site right after I got it (this was 5 minutes ago).
  • 21. march 2002
    at last I got the glareshield wing tips painted and mounted. Some niew pics are posted. I made some progress in the EPIC USB programming, but still a lot of things to find out. Currently I am having problems with the throttles, which aren't recogized by the windows gaming options and FS.
  • 11. march 2002
    finally I got the parts for the right- and lefmost glareshield panels to fit. Some pictures where added to the "pictures" side. I spent a lot of time working on the USB EPIC code. Some things are working (7-segment displays), others are not (I cannot get the buttons to be recognized by FS), but this must be my mistake. I did some programming in VB, making a little program to find out how to communicate directly with the EPIC. It works! The next step will be implementing the same things in a Deplhi application.
  • 26. february 2002
    a prototype of one glareshield side area has been made. A real tough part to do. A few pictures are posted on the "pictures" section. I will have do redesign the whole part, because it doesn't fit the way I wantl.
  • 20 february 2002
    I added some pictures of my first part made with my Step Four milling machine (see under cockpit/StepFour). Many thanks to Ernst Krammer, who gave me the necessary basic informations  about importing DXF files into the Step Four control program and how to work with them. Have a look at his site, there are a lot of valuable informations about the Step Four. The things he is doing with it are amazing. There is still a lot to discover about this machine, but the first step is done at last.
  • 17. february 2002
    a really long time since the last update, but I had very little time to work on my sim. I am still adapting my EPL code to the USB version, but I came to a halt because of a compiler bug. I hope the new EpicCenter version will be released soon. I have posted a new link in the "links" page, which could be of some interest if you are interested in fresnel lenses.
  • 24. november 2001
    due to lack of time no building at all on my sim the last month. Got FS2002 professional, but a lot of things have changed, so that it is not possibel to use it in my sim yet. I have to sort out the changes first.
  • 21. october 2001
    got the excellent overhead panels from Peter Cos. I posted a picture of them in the COCKPIT page. I still have to paint them white on the background. Perhaps I can do it this weekend.
    And have a look at the new page of Really nice update.
  • 14. october 2001
    changed the sim-PC configuration slightly. I took one of my older work PC's (a PENTIUM II 266 MHz) and set it up to use as the main CDU PC. The Athlon 1.2 GHz is now my main work PC. I will add a new FS Server PC when the USB EPIC is fully functional.
  • 21. september 2001
    well, the HP Vectra XL definitely doesn't work. I really don't know what is the matter. I even changed the whole PC by another of the same type, getting the same errors.
    On the other side, the EPIC center is growing from day to day. Today I (almost) managed to compile my EPL, after having changed quite a lot in the code. There is a new syntax, Pigeon Holes are treated differently (much easier than before), some command names have changed. Now the syntax of my EPL seems to be correct, but now it seems that the compiler (or whatever) gets an error after having checked the syntax. The EPIC Center looks very promising.
    I have uploaded my newest EPL code adapted for the EPIC USB. It can be found in the "Files" section.
  • 25. august 2001
    very peculiar. I tried to run a HP Vectra XL (Pentium Pro 200MHz processor) with the new Elsa Gladiax 511 PCI, but no way to get it to work properly in this PC. Every time I installed the Nvidia or the ELSA drivers, the PC hung up when accessing the network, regardless of the operating system used (Win98, WinME, Win2000). Finally I changed over the grafic cards of the two MCDU PC's (HP Vectra VL, 166MHz for MCDU2 and HP Vectra XL PPro 200MHz MCDU1), but got the same results. No way to get it to work on this Pentium Pro PC. The search goes on...
  • 11. august 2001
    I added another PC (the 6th) to my Flightsimulator. This PC will run the main MCDU, while the old CDU PC will run the remote CDU. I added a new ELSA GLADIAC 511PCI to the main MCDU PC. This card has a twin VGA and a TV-Out connector. The remote MCDU monitor is a 5" LCD, the same I am using for my main CDU.
  • 30. july 2001
    Nothing really visible going on right now, I am still learning how to deal with Borland's Delphi, a very powerfull software developing environment. Exchanging Data with FS via the FSUIPC interface is already running, the next step will be dealing with graphics. The EPIC USB arrived, but the software shipped with it is still in developping stage. Ralph from R&R is really busy working on it.
  • 12. july 2001
    I know, it is a long time ago since the last update. But there is nothing visible to show right now, that means, until today. I got the engine starter switches from Horst Maron, who did an outstanding job. Pictures are posted on the cockpit side. My Athlon is ready to go, waiting for the EPIC USB to arrive. As soon as it is the case, I will move around some mainboards and reconfigure my sim.  
  • 04. june 2001
    I uploaded the EPL code version with the enabled thrust reverser code. The hardware page was updated to. I slightly changed the configuration in preparation for the new Athlon 1.2 GHz I got. Unfortunately the USB EPIC isn't available yet, so the Athlon (and me) will have to wait.
  • 29. mai 2001
    Chris Brett has sent me a new version of EPLSTRIP. With this new version I can enable my thrust reversers and TOGA procedure calls from the joystick file again. I did it today, and it works again. Without this utility it wouldn't be possible to compile my EPL code anymore. Thank you, Chris.
    All the glareshield panels and about 1/3 of the center pedestal panels are now painted white from behind, giving a much more realistic touch to them. The lettering is now clearly visible. I will post some pictures soon.
  • 25. mai 2001
    and another quick update. Peter Cos's tutorial on his new "NOVA" series backlit panels inspired me to do the same with my AGT panels: painting them white from behind. This improves the visual effect a lot. See an example here.
  • 24. mai 2001
    changed some settings in FS2000.cfg and EPL code A340.EPL and A340.INC. Flaps and Speed brakes are now controlled via soft axis. With the help of Peter Dowsons outstanding FSUIPC this is now a piece of cake to do. If anybody wants to remote control the flightsim PC's from one PC instead of finding your way through the various keyboards lying aroung, check out VNC Virtual Network Computing. It is freeware and does almost the same as PC-Anywhere. I am using VNC for about 3 weeks now, and I won't miss it anymore. Simple to install, simple to handle.
  • 20. mai 2001
    today I received my first original flight instruments (some pictures are posted at the cockpit side). This instruments where removed of an old DC-9 and should be still working. The great challenge now is to find some documentation about how to connect the bunch of wires to get them alive again. If somebody has some hints on this, please let me know. I also ordered a 1.2 GHz  Athlon processor and a new mainboard for the main FS pc. The frame rates with the "old" Pentium III 450 MHz weren't satisfying anymore. And now that the USB version of the EPIC is released modern mainboards without the old ISA slot can be used. The USB EPIC version is in the queue.
  • 14. mai 2001
    a few new pictures (nothing spectacular, but I had to show the standby gauges which now fit the openings as they should). Now it is possible to scale each stanby gauge individually, making them fit the corresponding holes 100%. The Project Magenta FCU is getting better and better, I am using the BETA version since it was released, and it works as it was a full release software (apart from some functions which aren't enabled yet). Amazing.
  • 06. mai 2001
    just a quick update. I played around with WideView today, something I shouldn't have done. Seeing what can be done with lets me wanting about  4 additional PC's...
    Today Enrico released a new BETA of the ABGC, where the indivudual placement of the stanby gauges is now possible. I am designing and drawing the glareshield side areas right now, a rather difficult task for somebody who hasn't much knowledge in technical design. There are a lot of oblique areas, hard to draw. 
  • 29. april 2001
    another quick EPL update. The Transponder setting is now working 100%. MACH/IAS display has still some problems. And the setting of the MCP values via the rotary encoders isn't very satisfying. There is a to large delay between setting the value and getting the display. Any ideas around?
  • 24. april 2001
    added a few more links to the software page ( FS-Meteo and S-Combo). This shareware and freeware are really worth to take a look at.
  • 16. april 2001
    a bit of EPL programing today. The backup ADF frequency tuning from the capitains RMP is now fully operational. I tried to get the transponder working properly today, but it is not. Still something to do here.
  • 05. april 2001
    well, the problem with the POV axis is solved, thank to a hint from Rob van der Wiele. I forgot to put the statement 'stick_sensitivity_mode=0' in my new FS2000.cfg file. Now this statement is in the [Controls] section again, and the radios can be tuned from trom the corresponding panels. Thank you Rob!
  • 04. april 2001
    not a very good time right now, I am having some problems with my sim. I had to set up my FS server from scratch, but since then sending values via the POV axis from EPIC to FS2000 isn't working anymore. I still don't know why. I can tune a COM frequency on my RMP, press the XFER button and the radio console of FS dispalys a lot of different values for about 2 seconds, like a counter going crazy. Then it stops at a value of 3403.3 or something else. Exactly the same EPL code works on my other FS server harddisk (but there the throttle control went crazy, although I tried every possible scaling/mapping/offset setting in the EPL code). The worst thing, I don't know why this problems suddenly arised.
    Further I am working on the glareshield side panels (loudspeaker and EFIS DMC). This will be the first thing I will cut with my CNC machine.
  • 22. march 2001
    today I received the new drilling motor for my CNC machine. It looks like it has enough power to cut almost anything. And I received the dongle for the CNC software. Now I can work out the cutting profiles on my main PC and transfer them to the old Laptop I am using for driving the CNC machine. I posted a picture of it on the COCKPIT side.
  • 4. march 2001
    the RMP panel is turning out to be a tough one. There are many functions which should be covered, and all of them have to be programmed in EPL. 
    I have now ordered a stronger motor for my CNC machine. But before cutting the panels I have to design them. 
    I have now a fully registered version of TVToll. The MCDU screen now looks very close to the real one. Great tool!
  • 25. february 2001
    very annoying, but to be able to compile the actual EPL code with a little help from EPLSTRIP I had to change my JOYSTICK file and remove the procedures calls for the throttle handling. That means, reverse thrust and automatic engagement of TOGA aren't working anymore. And I am only at the beginning of the whole programming thing. The VOR and ADF are programmed as NAV backup mode (on the RMP panel) but the ADF needs some corrective actions. It itsn't working right now.
  • 18. february 2001
    a lot of EPL programming today. Now the Radio Management Panel NAV backup mode is enabled. The NAV frequencies and course (VOR1 so far) can be dialed via the RMP to. Unfortunately I reached the EPL compiler limit again, even with 655KB of free memory in the Wondows 2000 DOS box. This is really beginning to bother me.
  • 11. february 2001
    The *gif versions of the files are posted. 
  • 10. february 2001
    I added some new pics to the cockpit page. This page may take a while to load, because there are quite a few. I got a brand new digital camera from my girl friend, so the time between taking the pictures and placing them on the web decreased from about 2 weeks to two hours.  
    I also began to export the construction plans to the *gif format, but it is a very time consuming task. I hope I will not have to do it often or that I can find out an easier way to do it.
    Since a few weeks I am connected to the internet via a cable modem (TV cable) which improves the up- and download times a lot. Surfing on the net is like working on the local pc.
  • 30. january 2001
    Now the transponder and copilots COMM frequency selector are wired and functional. The newest version of the EPL code can be found at the "links" page. I found out a workaround for my EPL compiling problem. I am compiling the code on another machine, which is running Windows 2000. The DOS window here has 655360 Bytes available for programs (compared to the 574112 of the DOS window of Windows ME). I could not find out how to modify that. Sure it is only a matter of time until my code has grown, so that even the 640 Kb won't be enough, but perhaps Chris can enhance his EPLSTRIP program by then.
    Today I received my A340 left and right front panels. I noticed that it should take 19" monitor behind this panels to fit the openings for the PFD/ND. But a 19" monitor would be to large to fit. Any sponsors for some LCD's around?
  • 26. january 2001
    just added some more links in the links page. I am having some trouble with my EPL program. It seems that it is already too large. Chris Brett has written a sort of a precompiler for the EPL, which strips the code down to the minimum. It works perfectly if you don't have any EPL procedure calls defined in your *.JOY file (I have). Chris asked me to send him all my EPL files, so he could have a look at it.
  • 14. january 2001
    Finally I got the dual concentric rotary encoders to work! Not much progress on the CNC machine, I am still searching for a stronger motor for the drill. The 7-segment displays on the center pedestal are all wired and functional.
  • 13. December 2000
    the PC-driven CNC milling machine is assembled and ready to go! The backlight of the glareshield panels is fully functional now. I received a new version of the rotary encoder module. With this module it should be possible to connect my dual concentric optical encoders from Grayhill. I could'n try it out in detail yet.
  • 19. November 2000
    Wired and mounted the pilot side COMM radios. The EPL code is updated.
  • 12. November 2000
    Just added some new DXF files about switches and wiring. 
    The barometer on the glareshield is now fully functional, including switching between mb and hPa. The dual concentric rotary encoders are in place in the RMP, but not wired yet. 
    On saturday 11th november I visited the swiss distributor of the Step-Four milling machines. This machines seem to be perfect to have the panels made at home. Cutting and engraving can fully be automated. I think I will have to buy one.
  • 28. October 2000
    Peter Cos has sent me a brand new extremely good looking banner, which I had to build in right away. Thank you very much indeed Peter!
    I am  looking for a way to make my overhead panels, and again Peter Cos is helping me out. A few days ago I discovered a PC driven milling machine, affordable to normal mortals like me. I am looking at it in more detail, because with this machine it would be possible to make the panels (including the lettering) at home. Very interesting...
  • 14. October 2000
    The pilot MCDU is fully working now, including the display (a 5" LCD monitor attached to the video out of the Diamond Viper V550 PCI). The second 5" LCD is here, but not mounted yet.
    The 4 dual-concentric rotary encoders arrived! I am now searching for some knobs to fit.
    Some improvements have been done to the EPIC code (see FILES section) and all FlightSim PCs but one have been upgraded to Windows ME. The MCDU PC could not be upgraded because Windows ME refuses an installation on a machine with a processor with less than 150 MHz.
    It seems that I have to make the remaining panels of the center pedestal and overhead by myself. The guys from AGT seems to be very busy.
  • 10. September 2000
    Just updated some files in the FILE section (EPL code, WideFS *.ini files, Magenta *.ini files). This files are the newest ones. They now cover the functions of the MCP (FCU in Airbus language), flaps, speedbrakes (to be improved), parking brake and pilot side CDU. The FMC can now be programmed via the CDU panel on the center pedestal, no more mouse or PC-keyboard is needed.
  • 25. August 2000
    Today I managed to get practicaly the whole FCU, the flaps and slats levers and the parking brake working. The CDU is the next item to be wired up and programmed. Still no monitors available for the MCDU displays. The newest EPL-code is posted in the "Files" section.
  • August 2000
    Some new pictures, nothing really spectacular, as the main work has been done behind the scenes (wiring and programming the glareshield buttons). Some are working perfectly, some need some more in depth investigation (as setting the ALT and V/S values via the rotary encoders on the glareshield). Setting the values for SPD and HDG are working fine!
    I just placed my EPL code in the Files part of this site. The glareshield is wired up and part of it is running via the EPIC program. The backlighting is still missing. I am working on the landing gear lights right now, hope to get it working by sunday evening.
  • July 2000
    Sorry for the long time without an update. I was (and still am) very busy in wiring up and programming my glareshiel panels. As my center pedestal has al (but two) panels built in, there is no more place on it for the keyboard's and mice of the flightsim pc's. So I bought PCAnywhere and can now work on all sim PC's from my other work PC's, which are located on another place. Very confortable.
    The 7 segment displays are built in, the buttons of the captain's side are wired up and some of them are already working. The throttles and gear lever are fully functional by now.
    I don't have any pictures right now, but I think I will get some during this month.
  • April 2000
    The front panel is almost assembled. Now I am painting the center pedestal and glareshield part. Plannig for the wiring scheme has begun.
  • March 2000
    Finally I managed to install a little workshop in the cellar. The first item I made was the housing for the FCU. 
    Then work on the center pedestal has begun. The first pictures are available in the 'cockpit' page. With the throttle quadrant from AGT this center pedestal looks really good.
  • February 2000
    John from AGT sent me the first pictures of the throttle quadrant they are making for me. It looks absolutely fantastic. I hope it will be ready to ship soon.
    A friend of mine finished the work on the housings for the glareshield panels. A few modifications have to be done, then the panels can be fixed.
  • January 2000
    Design of glareshield panel housing is finished, now working on center pedestal. I think I will upgrade the FlightSim 2000 CPU from a 450MHz PIII to a 600 or 700 MHz PIII.
  • December 1999
    Beginning design of glareshield panel housings. Reconfigured all Flight Sim Computers.
  • November 1999
    Another part of the AGT A340 center pedestal panels and the redesigned FCU panels arrived! This panel has greatly improved. The flaps and speedbrake panels include the levers !
    I installed FS2K and spend a lot of time trying out how it works with WideFS, PFD, EFIS98 etc.
    Further I am getting into Autosketch, which I will use to make the plans for the cockpit.
  • October 1999
    Added a third computer to the flight sim network. This one is running Enricos CDU 
    and PFD (as engine display). Also bought two old 17" EIZO Monitors from the company
    I work. Now, to get all the PFD software run accelerated, I need a fourth one. 
    I tried to run a Soundblaster LIVE Value! and a SoundBlaster PCI16 on the same computer as the EPIC (for splitting up the ATC, cockpit and aircraft sounds). But as soon as the PCI16 is installed, the EPIC card stops working. No idea where the problem lies. 
  • September 1999
    Spent most of the time trying out Enrico's PFD and the new Version of Pete Dowsons WideFS. With this two components the simulating experience at home goes a gigantic step towards the real stuff!
    The wood for the new glareshied panels is bought, now I only have to find the time to put it together.
    Beside I tried to connect as a multiplayer to Falcon 4.0 with Martin Ingold, another sim enthusiast here in Switzerland. But something did not work as it should, so we will have to give it another try.
    Thanks to various tip's form Peter Cos this website has undergone a major upgrade.
  • August 1999
    Another milestone was reached. Today (08.08.1999) I received Enrico Schiratti's FANTASTIC PFD/ND software. Take a look at his website.
  • June1999
    The wiring is progressing very slowly, I am figuring out how to code the 7-segment displays, the output modules and the switches. In particular the rotary encoders are challenging. Ray Sotkiewicz has announced a circuitry which will make the wiring and coding of rotary encoders easier. As soon as he has finished this circuits I will order one and try it out. I also asked Ray what exactly the "definemodule" statement in the EPIC code means. My 7-segment displays are working, but only by trying. I would like to know exactly what this statements means. Ray said he will post an article on his website about that, so keep tuned.
  • Mai 1999
    The panels from AGT arrived !! Absolutely fantastic panels, made of very tough plastic, so that no reinforcements are needed. This guys make almost everything you want !! I ordered the whole center pedestal panels, including all the levers and the trim wheels. So now I will have two glareshields, one from CSI and the other from AGT ! Both are great and it is difficult to decide which to take, so I decided to make two complete sets of glareshields, one with the panels from CSI and another with the panels from AGT.
    I constructed a first version of the front panels and glareshield cases, but the proportions aren't exactly the way I imagined. So I decided to redesign the plans and rebuild the cases..
    Beside I am trying to find out how exactly the switches, knobs, 7 segment displays etc. have to be wired up. I got some EMDA cards from CSI and the one 32 point output module and one digit display controller from R&R.
  • April 1999
    I found another manufacturer of aircraft panel replicas. Sean Finger from Advanced Graphics Technologies is making some glareshield panels (with landing gear lever !) for me. If they look good, I will order the whole center pedestal panels (including throttle, flaps and slats levers !!) and later the whole A340 overhead panel (but I am afraid that I have to save some money before that).
  • March 1999
    11.03.1999 It's HAPPY HOUR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Today I received the whole A340 like glareshield and the autobrake panel from Ted Deller from Cockpit Simulations. This panels are just FANTASTIC !!!!!!! They look almost exactly like the originals, very detailed layout.
    Now it's time to begin the construction of the glareshield cases, wiring up and programming the switches.
  • February 1999
    I installed a second Diamond V550 (PCI) in my computer. Now it is possible to display the EFIS panels on a separate monitor. I am working on panels which displays only the ND and PFD at the time. The gauges by Tony D'Ambrosio (RealCRT) are just great, because they can be scaled without getting dizzy.
  • January 1998
    The next step will be the construction of the throttle quadrant with the trim wheels.
  • December 1998
    I am searching ideas how to display the PFD and the ND on separate CRT's. But for the moment I don't have neither the hard- nor the software for that.
  • November  1998
    my decision was to build an A340 like cockpit. But I had no information on that, so the great search began (and is still going on).
    I bought 2 car-seats and with the help of a friend of mine (he has a nice little workshop) I build the first part, the centre pedestal and the seats.
  • September 1998
    during a surf session in the internet I landed at the website of John Dunkley. His fantastic home made motion flight simulator gave me the incentive to build one of my own.