other home builders

Airbus A320  
Roberto Soriano Roberto is building a A320 sim. I don't know how, but Roberto has managed to get me my first real A340 parts.
Horst Maron

Horst is one of the builders who really gets into details. All his panels are self made, and so are the switches! Horst was so kind to make me my engine starter and some other switches.
Bilgi Sakarya A full motion A330 based simulator. They are also developing Glass Cockpit software.
Erhard Wallentin A work in progress. Erhard is using FDS Nova panels.
Matt Olieman Probably the most proficient A340 builder around. I wish I could do what Matt is doing.
Boeing B747  
Junji Hirayama Junji's triple 'J' project (Junji's Jumbo in Japan). Great B747-400 flight deck.
Matthew Sheil A B747-400 sim built from scratch, all metal construction. Amazing.
Ray Sotkiewicz a lot of very !! useful information about EPIC
Robert Prather If you need instructions of how to build your sim, check out his documentation. Robert is building a 777 sim.
Stamatis Vellis The Project Magenta website. Here you can also see the 737 project of Stamatis Vellis.
James Price The "Master builder's" outstanding 737 simulator
Matt Ford Another really real looking B737 cockpit
Mike & David Lehkamp A very good site to see a work in progress. It is amazing to see how it began and how it looks now.
Generic Boeing  
Rob van der Wiele Excellent documentation of a work in progress. Have a look at Rob's CDU!
Matt Wietlpach   This is definitely the best source for informations about driving original analog instruments on a home built simulator.
IRADIS IRADIS stays for: International Research And Development Institute for Simulation. A really very interesting site!

cockpit parts manufacturers

Flightdeck Solutions Peter Cos's commercial website. Searching for panels? You ght them here.
SimKits Analog instruments, controllers panels
Flight Illusion Analog instruments, controllers, panels
Sea Gull Gauges, instruments switches.
CSI Cockpit Simulation cockpit simulation hardware manufacturer
Engravity specialized on 737 parts.
Micro Cockpit European distributor of the EPIC card
Advanced Graphics Technologies great panels (custom made, almost everything is possible flight controls, hardware hardware (Yokes, Sticks usw.) AETI yoke und throttle flight consoles, radio instruments


R & R Electronics the makers of the EPIC card
Grayhill searching for dual concentric rotary encoders? They have it
Edmund Industrial Optics fresnel lenses in all sizes
Photon Integrated Flight Systems Another way of connecting Switches and Lights to your sim


Project Magenta The best add-on for FS2002, FS2000, FS98 ever
TVTool Great utility to expand the display over the whole TV-screen. I am using this software in my CDU, and it works great.
WideView WideView. Use multiple monitors to get a virtual cockpit

Step Four milling machine

Step Four Website of the Austrian Manufacturer of the Step Four
Ernst Krammer Ernst is doing amazing things with his Step Four. Not related to Flight Simulation, but as interesting as.
Laumat The Step Four distributor in Switzerland


Haldemann Holzbau The website from the carpenter (in fact he is more than that) who did the new front of my house and the platform which now forms the base of my simulator. Twice he did an outstanding job.

miscelaneous Extremely intersting site about another wiring technique for home built flight simulators. Very usefull informations about collimated display techniques
A340 net Looking for informations about the A340? This is the right place!
Cockpit@Home a growing site about home cockpit builders many !! informations, downloads, forums etc.
Tony D'Ambrosio RealCRT gauges and panels for FS98 & FS2K
Camil Valiquette Beautiful aircrafts (lots of Airbus) for FS98 and FS2K
Jerome Meriweather Questions about A320, B747, 777 cockpit ? Absolutely fantastic website !!!! A must see !!! generic flight simulator informations ELITE WebSite Schwitzerland flight simulators paradise PC and Multimedia support