In this site I will describe the making of my home built flight simulator cockpit. At first I thought building a home cockpit would be setting up the cockpit, linking all things together and voila, the cockpit is finished. But soon I realized that such a project is an endless one. Grabbing information, upgrading to new software releases, improving the flight deck, improving the visuals, adding motion ?? ..... Some of the information sources for my project can be found in the Links page of this site.

The Information contained on the "Flug Revue Multi Media CD" was the base for building the Airbus A340 like cockpit, at least at first. But as time passed by I realized that apart from specific flight deck themes there is much more overall information needed to get this project going.

Specification :

  • fully enclosed A340-like cockpit with two seats
  • switches and knobs will interact with the PC/Simulator software through the use of the EPIC card
  • separate displays for outside view and instruments
  • linked pedals
  • movable trim wheels
  • fully functional lights and buzzers (landing gear, master caution, frequency displays etc.)

If somebody out there has questions, hints or suggestions, please write to pd@podsystems.ch