Landing gear is in transition, Autoland is armed. The glareschield backlight is still missing.
Landing gear is down and locked (all green). The knobs for dimming the glareshield backlight and center panel flood light are in place and wired, but the bulbs are not mounted yet. The mask for the center panel is still missing, but I don't know yet what will be the layout of the stanby instruments.
A close shot of the MCDU. The display isn't mounted on the definitive place yet, it should be placed a little bit nearer to the panel. But the LSK buttons are too deep and the TV-LCD a little bit to large. I am searching for a solution. But it is working 100%, the routes, holdings everything related to Enricos MCDU can be typed in via the MCDU panel.

The next time the COMM displays should be mounted. And the dual concentrig rotary encoder is placed, but not wired yet (the knobs will be replaced by gray ones as soon as I find them).