On the PFD forum there was a question about gettig rid of the margins when displaying the MCDU on a TV LCD. I found a shareware called TVToll which takes care of this problem (

Here is the CDU display with the margins, displayed on a 5" LCD TV display. The grafic card used is a Diamond viper V550 TV out (Riva TNT chip)

And here is the same display, now with TVTool enabled. Looks really much better!

The letters are now perfectly readable. This tool allows even to set the brightness and contrast, amongst a lot of other settings.

A shot from behind. The EPIC expansion board and a EMDA card (top left) and below the additional modules (two 32 point output modules, one rotary encoder module and two 7-segment display modules). The platform you see will hold the EICAS monitor.
Aarrrgh. I get sick when I look at this mess. Fortunately I have labeled all wires and connectors, but nevertheless, there are to many wires here.
Now the EMDA cards are fixed on the center pedestal housing, but still to many wires here. I never thought that there would be so little space inside the center pedestal.
Not a very good picture, but at least the center pedestal displays are visible. They are fully functional of course. The only display which doesn't change right now is the rudder trim display. Peter Dowson has enabled the variable in the EPIC driver, but I couldn't get it to work so far.
Just another shot of the COM1 displays. The dual concentric rotary encoder is wired and running.

The panel behind the thrust levers is under construcion. It is a prototype, the real one will be made of acryl. I am triying to get an idea how to make the engine start levers.

The FCU, now backlit. The display mounts can still be seen, but they will be covered soon.
The EICAS panel came out pretty good. I was hoping to get rid of this ugly monitor behind, but it is still clearly visible. This is one of the parts which I still don't know how to do it.
I agree, this night shot wasn't very successfull. I got a brandnew digital camera, but I have to do some reading to know how to use it.
The first shots of my new overhead panel decals. Steffen Herberg did a superb job designing this panels. Every detail is here, even decals for the switches.
The ELEC and FIRE panels. I will cut the panels out of acrylic, as soon as I got a good motor for my drilling machine.

The problem will be  to get the switches herefore.

Some other overhead panels. I can hardly wait to get them mounted.
This is my new drilling motor for the Step-Four CNC machine. With this one it should now be possible to cut (almost) anything.