Here they are, the engine starter switches, mounted on a provisory panel. Horst Maron did an outstanding job.
Ron and me aked Enrico if it was possible to enable the individual scaling of the Airbus stanby gauges. Well, about two days later we got a new build with this function enabled. Where else do you get such a service?

The standby gauges now fit the corresponding openings by 100%.

The stanby guages by night (the first shot).

This pictures where taken during an autoland (you can see that both autopilots are engaged) at Geneva. The autoland worked perfectly (notice that when this pictures where shot the BETA version of the FCU was used, but works like a full release software)

Another shot of the center part of the glareshield and ECAM panel (the V/S rate of -3400 was manually set, I was to high to catch the glideslope, so I had to interfere manually).
And another shot by night. The runway is in sight straight ahead (well, it is there, I assure you) the autopilots beeing in autoland mode. Gear is down and flaps are fully extended.
Enrico has also updated the anouncements on the PFD. It gets more and more like the real Airbus.
Some shots of my experiments with wideview. I will have to add at least 2 more pc's to my sim to get this views where they belong (the pc's shown here are my normal work pc's, not beeing part of my sim).
The monitor to the left shows the front left view, the monitor to the right shows the front right view.
A simple, but effective idea (Peter Cos inspired me to that). The panels from AGT are engraved, but not painted from behind, making it somewhat hard to read the legends.
Here is the same panel after painting it white from the back. The difference is clearly visible.  For a detailed tutorial have a look at Peter Cos's website.

No I will remove every panel of my sim and paint it from the back.