Cockpit 16


Cockpit 15

My first Elite parts from Flightdecksolutions
I got a artificial horizon set from Simkits. I was wondering if this instruments could be used as stand by gauges in my sim. This is how the instrument looks like when unpacked.
The assembly is almost finished. Looks pretty good.
This two pictures show the instrument as it looks like when assembled. The knob on the front is functional and is used to calibrate the instrument, well, kind of.
Don't apply too much force on the knob. The shaft connected to it is of plastic and can easily be broken. At first I wanted to drive the servos mounted in this instruments via my Epic Servo module, but now I decided to try out the SimKits control module, which can also be used to control the integral light of the instrument (yes, it has a small led built in)
I did some modifications on the sim tower, putting all FS related PC's and the audio amplifier together in one shelf
This picture shows the board holding all EPIC modules I got so far. The module on the upper right is a gauge module, which controls several servo motors. I hope to find some time to do some tests with it in within the next few weeks.
Another view of the EPIC modules board. The wiring still isn't the way I want it to be, it is still to messy. There is a lot of room for improvement here.
The cockpit is up and running again.
As the simulator is now in another building as my main network and I didn't want to spent much money on laying down new network cables from one building to another, I bought two D-Link wireless point devices (D-Link DWL-900AP+, one of them shown on the upper left corner of the picture) and configured them as LAN bridges. This works perfectly. And as the number of PC's on my simulator network grew to more than 8, I had to buy a new 16port fast ethernet switch.
The simulator pc's alltogether. The one to the left is the main console. I have access to any of the sim pc's from this one using the VNC freeware. In addition this pc runs the Project Magenta FCU and MCP programs. I used to run them on the same pc running  FS2002, sharing processor power between FS2002 and the MCP/FCU.  Now FS2002 gets the  whole processor power for itself