Cockpit 17


Cockpit 16


The upmost component is the 100MBit switch, below the patch panel, below the HiFi amplifier, and below the PCs for MCDU and RMCDU


I got this 19" from a friend of mine. It was originally green, but my wife thought green wouldn't match the colour of the walls, so she decided to paint it grey :-)

The three PCs in the middle hosts the PFD/ND, the EICAS and the tools (Weather program, pmSound etc.) software.

The 19" case is the PC runnint FS 2004 

The server on the bottom right is a old Compaq server running Linux. I use it as file server, where I store almost all the installed programs. On the bottom left there is the PC which runs all the system software (pmSystems, AST etc.)

The rack from the back. Still a mess of wires, but a bit better than before.
I finally insalled the SA_Wxr program from Florian Praxmarer. This program really enhances the realism feeling.
The weather in FS comes from ActiveSky. On this day there where some thunderstorms near Zürich, which are shown nicely on the ND.
Here is a drawing of how the MCDU could be assembled. The TFT screen is mounted on an adapter. If I change the TFT screen I have only to change the adapter, the rest of the MCDU construction remains the same.
Some more excellent panels from Flightdecksolutions. Two MCDUS are still missing, I will add them here in the near future.


The parts of the ELITE MCDU from Flightdecksolutions as shipped (without the monitor)

This is an amazing piece of hardware.

One first part assembled


The keycaps are in position
And this is what it looks like assembled.

This MCDU is awesome!

Just succeeded in displaying the engine and systems displays on my rotated 19" monitor. A 19" TFT woulbe be better, because the speed gauge doesn't fit using the 19" CRT. I think the next step will be to connect the ECAM panel buttons to be able to choose the various system pages.
Changed the outside view, adding another front side view for the copilot. This is only a work around until I decided how exactly my outside visual system will be done.
I added the copilot sidestick area. The stick isn't connected yet. After connecting, I will have to update my FS-EPIC communication software to be able to deal with two sidesticks.
The project magenda glasscockpit software looks pretty cool.