This is one part of the hardware interface rack I am mounting on my sim. This element contains the DB15 connectors for the monitors.
The same part viewed from the top. The cutouts where done with my Step Four milling machine.
The same part with the monitor cables connected on both sides. On the inner side the cables from the monitors of the simulator are connected, on the outer side the cables lead to the PC's.
The right hand panel holds some connectors for the serial connection (DB9 connectors)
All interface panels I did so far mounted on the interface rack. From left to right:

Loudspeaker connectors, USB connectors, Monitor connectors and serial connectors.

I moved the PC rack to another place and connected the PCs and the simulator via the new interface rack.
I also cleaned up the cabling behind the simulator. Not perfect yet, but a lot better than before.
The NOVA overhead panels mounted on the frame. No buttons yet, they will be added as soon as I have mounted the panel on the right place. Still some structural things to do before, though.