Original flight instruments taken from an old DC9. I am looking for any kind of documentation to get this beauties to work again. If anybody knows where to get such doc's, please let me know.
These Instruments are a bit to large for Airbus standby instruments, but they will do the job. 
Altimeter and airspeed indicator. This are pneumatic instruments, so I think a little compressor will be required to get this needles moving.

Sperry Rand corporation
Model HZ-6F

Part.No. 2590281-905
Serial No. 007C0268

Speed Indicator

Kollsman Merrimack, N.H.

PN 35900-A1778
TSO C46a A/C Airborne Express


Intercontinental Dynamics Corporation, Engelwood, New Jersey

Encoding Altimeter

(P/N number is illegible)

TSO C10b,C88

some landing light switches, which need a littel refurbishment.