Although I am dead tired (I didn't have much sleep the last two nights) I will post some of the pictures I shot on the builders meeting. We had a great weekend, it was a pleasure to meet all this people and to talk about simming the whole day (and almost the whole nights).


People arriving and introducing themselves
Marc Teichtahl, Achim Bethke and Sam Verhoeven
Achim and Marc seem to be searching a  bug?
Robert Fisher. Unbelievable what he has achieved in only one year of sim building.
Achim Bethke opened the event
Peter Cos told  gave us a short overview of what was happening. He read some letters from other builders who couldn't attend to the meeting.

Then he introduces the Marc Teichtahl.

Marc Teichtahl gave us a very interesting overview on networking and how to troubleshoot the network when it won't run (it seems that it does happen occasionally?)


The second part of Marc's presentation was about the EPIC . Marc really knows what he is talking about. It was a pleasure to listen to him, he has a very relaxed anf fascinating way of presenting.  I hope I will be able to listen to another of his presentations in the future.
Marc carried the brand new Airbus FCU to the meeting....

He showed us some very impressing EPL tricks.

After Marc's presentation time had come for a first break.

I wish I could remember the name of everybody. At least I do remember some of them (from right to left):

Silvio Lottanti, Holger Johannson, Steffen Herberg an Horst Maron.

Quite a few people came to this meeting.
After lunch it was time for Peter Cos's presentation. He showed us a lot of very interesting and informative things about simbuilding, about his panels and the plans he has for the near future.
One of the many topics Peter touched where the visuals.
Peter also showed us a prototype of the A320 throttles he is working on. Sometimes I wish I was building an A320.
Achim Bethke even carried his whole cockpit to the meeting.Crazy!
Achim had some good ideas implemented on his sim. His gear lever works like the real one, as do the barometric switches.
The PFD, ND and EICAS are from the PSS A320. The amazing thing on this is that all this displays run on a single PC equipped with 3 grafic cards.
This analog instruments are really working! They are driven by RC servo motors, made by Jim Sturcbecher. He also showed a lot of other things he is working on.
Thomas Kleindopp, the MD11 man (to the left) and Jim Sturcbecher.
The fuse panel made by Horst Maron. Horst is incredible, he is doing every panel, every switch by himself.
Two other panels from Horst Maron. The electronic part was done by Steffen Herberg.
A pitty that I couldn't get a better shot of this panels. The switches on the autobrake panel are all self made, and every switch has a two way legend which is separately backlit.
The outstanding overhead panel made by Sam Verhoeven.
Sam had some excellent ideas on how to build the frame for the overhead panels.
Look at that beauty. Amazing!
Holger Jonannson and Steffen Herberg are both working on aircraft systems. Holger is programming his own CRJ systems, and Steffen is working on the A320 ones.
They showed us some of the functions. I don't believe what they have done so far! It sounds and looks like the real one. There are a lot of little nice details in their programs.