Another huge happenig is over. Two days full of news, informations, ideas, products etc. inspired me in many ways. The simbuilders scene is growing at an astonishing speed, the progress made in all areas (panels, instruments, wiring, software) is unbelivable. I am looking forward to the meeting next year.

A HUGE "thank you" to Achim Bethke and Peter Cos for organizing this event!


The first sim builders arriving shortly after 9:00
9:45, the door opens
People taking their seats
One of the first sim instruments from SI-Instrumens, I will have to buy a few of them for sure. Amazing!
It looks like a real one and it behaves like a real one. A must have for every serious home cockpit builder.
The breaks where used for interesting discussions
Steffen Herberg showing us his and Holger's A320 Systems software. It was a pleasure to listen to them. Their software is an almost exact simulation of the A320 systems. the parts which are not simulated yet will be in the short future. My order is already done.
Peter Cos talking about planned issues of Flightdecksolutions. There is a LOT on the making!
Jim Sturcbecher from SI-Instrumens. The technician behind this amazing product.
And here are the beauties. I have never thought that such good looking and realistically behaving insruments would be affordable to normal mortals like me.
And a little secret. Horst Marons incredible A320 throttles. Unbelievable!
And here is how it looks like when assembled on the pedestal.
Steffen and Holger from the HCSDT team, Silvio Lottanti and Horst Maron listening to the explanations about a new type of bus system.
Holger ? (I don't remember his name) the creator of the bus system. I hope we will hera more about it, it looked very promising.
Sunday morning, 9:45
Marc Teichtahl and Jim Sturcbecher talking about Sim Insruments and a new visual system. Keep an eye on SI-Instruments, there is a lot to come.
Another break
Enrico Schiratti telling us about Project Magenta. The systems simulation program which is in the making is simply spectacular. The idea to offer a base SDK which can be used to assemble your own overhead panel is ingenious.
Some of the beauties shown by Peter Cos. The Elite panels are another huge step towards realistic looking panels. I will use this panels for my A340 simulator.
John McIlvenna, a real A320 pilot, compared the simbuilders scene to the real one. I could have listened to John for hours.